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The Coed Marros Cooperative vision is to experiment with and demonstrate different ways of harmonising sustainable human livelihoods with the nurturing and caring for the Coed Marros woodland based upon Permaculture ethics and principles.

We have established a small working community in the woodland, who are committed to developing the woodland as a site for experimenting with Permaculture and sustainability. We all aim to develop sustainable livelihoods, whilst at the same time increasing the biodiversity of Coed Marros by habitat diversification and a gradual conversion of the conifer plantation using ecoforestry techniques, planting a range of timber, fruit and nut species and increasing the native broadleaf woodland edge.

All participants in the Co-operative are committed to delivering our Vision by working together in a mutually supportive way. We aim to become a valued element within the local community by building relationships with local Schools, residents and local businesses.

The activities we will develop include:-

  • production of sawn and machined timber as well as firewood,
  • coppice and green woodworking crafts,
  • organic food production (e.g. Mushrooms, Fruit and Speciality vegetables)
  • education and training
  • natural building
  • countryside skills and crafts
  • ecological surveys
  • rights of way maintenance


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