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Coed Marros Cooperative will be guided by Permaculture ethics and principles whilst following an overall Permaculture Design plan.

Coed Marros Cooperative will aim to make the site self supportive in energy and water supply, and as far as is practicable, building materials and food supplies. Materials and supplies that are not available on site will be sourced from locations as near to the site as possible.

Coed Marros Cooperative will demonstrate onsite, by example, the possibilities for more sustainable modern lifestyles throughout the local and wider community, providing a focus for the exchange of environmental and sustainability knowledge.

Coed Marros Cooperative will actively seek to maximise the number of mutually beneficial connections between its activities and the local community as well as the wider community and communities of interest.

Coed Marros Cooperative will actively seek and encourage new cooperative members to join it, so as to provide a base that is as wide and diverse as possible without compromising its core ethics, principles, values and aims.

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